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  • Lasting Power

    of Attorney

    A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) allows you to appoint a person you trust to manage your affairs should you no longer be able to do so yourself.


    Without an LPA, should you become incapacitated the only way that a person can manage your affairs for you is to apply to the Court of Protection.

    This can cost up to £2,000 and take up to 10 months.


    Click here to contact us to discuss how PA Associates can help you with an LPA


  • Long Term Care


    If you or a family member face the prospect of moving into a nursing home, then it's essential that a Long Term Care Plan is in place.


    From funding care and Powers of Attorney to Inheritance Tax, we can help you to put in place the fundamentals to support you and your family.


    Contact us today to discuss Long Term Care Planning


  • Property &

    Asset Protection

    Every year over 70,000 homes are sold to fund long term care for the elderly, leaving the home owner with nothing to pass on to their descendants.


    It is illegal to transfer your own property to relatives with the aim of avoiding paying for long term care, yet it is possible to protect your property using a Protective Will Property Trust.


    For more details see our "Trusts" section

  • Will Writing

    Many people assume that if they die without having made a Will their assets and possessions will be passed to their spouse or nearest living relative.


    This is not always the case. A Will ensures any money, property or possessions are inherited by the people YOU choose.


    Contact us for more details or see our Wills section


  • Will Storage

    With a correctly signed and witnessed Will, it's crucial if your wishes are to be carried out, that the Will is not lost or destroyed by accident. Safe storage of your documents is therefore critical.


    At PA Associates we arrange for storage in a secure facility, where your  documents are fully protected and insured. Talk to us today about Will Storage or see here for more details


  • Probate

    Probate is the legal process of administering the estate of a person who has died, and, after deducting debts and other liabilities, transferring that person's money and possessions to the people who will inherit them: their beneficiaries.


    From closing bank accounts to selling the house to setting up trusts, we can help support and manage Probate for you. Call us today to discuss our Probate Service or see our  Probate page for more info


Financial Advisers & Accountants

At PA Associates we are proud of the services we provide Clients. Our reputation for professional service and integrity means that a large proportion of our Clients come to us through referrals via their Financial Advisers or Accountants.


We are always happy to discuss new referral agreements with Financial Advisers and Accountants and to help support their Client base with our Services.


If you are interested in discussing referral agreements or just having an informal chat, then please let us know by requesting a call back - click here.


Below are a selection of references from our referral Partners...





"As an established Independent Financial Adviser with over 20 years experience in the industry I  have been recommending Philip Pammant of Philip Anthony Associates to my clients for a period of 11 years now.


Throughout this time he has helped my clients with a  wide range of estate planning areas from setting up wills, preparing Power of Attorney's through to setting up a wide variety of trusts as appropriate for my client's needs.


I have always found him to be completely trustworthy, reliable, professional and knowledgeable and have been exceptionally pleased with the consistent and keenly priced service he has given to my clients over the years.


I regularly consistently refer him to existing and new clients, safe in the knowledge that they will be well looked after by Phil and his company. He really knows his stuff, is reliable and his costs I have found to be consistently and very competitively priced."


Daniel Leon Williams BA(Hons) Dip (PFS)

Senior Financial Planner

IPP Financial Services LLP




“We have been very impressed with the friendly and professional service that PA Associates provides to our clients . He is able to visit clients in their  own home or office and provides a quality service at an affordable price”


H.E. Financial Services Ltd



"Philip is a highly professional and experienced will writer and estate planner. I’m happy to keep referring Philip as I always receive very positive feedback from my Clients, who like his ability to explain what can seem like complicated issues in a very simple and straightforward way."


Renzo Giovannini DipPFS


St. James’s Place


  • Business Protection

    Whether you are a Sole Proprietor, in Partnership or a Shareholding Director of a Ltd Company, dying without a Will can have a devastating effect on the future success of a business, resulting in substantial problems not only for the members of the business but also their families.


    Help protect your business and family by putting in place the right planning. Take a look at our Business Owners Section

  • Estate Planning

    Making a Will and planning to protect and preserve your wealth for your family, is one of the most important things that you will ever do.


    At PA Associates we can provide tailor made solutions for your circumstances and objectives, making the experience as easy, convenient and affordable as possible.


    See our "You & Your Family" section for our services

  • Lifetime Trusts

    Placing your  home and/or other assets in trust whilst you are still alive can provide numerous benefits to you and your family.


    Benefits can include protecting your home and other assets from having to be used to pay care home fees and avoiding Inheritance Tax.


    Talk to us today about a Lifetime Trust or see more details here


  • Vulnerable Person Trust

    A Vulnerable Person Trust provides the protection of a standard Discretionary Trust but combines an advantageous taxation regime and allows the Trustees, to use the Trust fund to pay for any needs that the vulnerable person may have. For more details click here

  • Property Trust Wills

    Does the possibility of your home having to be sold to pay for care fees concern you?


    Does the thought of leaving a drastically reduced portion of your hard earned estate to your children, upset you?


    If the answer to these questions is YES, then talk to us  about a Property Trust Will today. Contact us today or go to our Trusts page for more info

  • FLIT Trusts


    Flexible Life

    Interest Trust


    A Flexible Life Interest Trust (FLIT) in your Will offers greater peace of mind if you have significant assets or investments as well as property, and wish to protect their value for future generations. See more details here


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