We draft for other professionals

We offer a full Will Drafting Service.

Philip Anthony Professionals is one of the most established Will Writing firms in the North West having been created over 20 years ago. During this time we’ve drafted thousands of Wills but not all of those are for PAA clients.

PAA are trusted by financial advisers, mortgage brokers, accountants and even other Will Writers to do the legal drafting of the Wills and Associated Legal documents for their clients.

Each relationship is treated on its own merits and a lot of our clients have different needs. Some of our clients like us to sit with them, and their clients and to draft the documents under joint branding.

Confidentiality is key…

Some of our clients don’t want their clients to know that we’re drafting the documents and they simply provide us with the Will instructions.

Either way, we have a capable team able to help and work with businesses to offer Will Writing services.

We also have a team of Estate Planning Consultants who are trained and insured for the advice that we provide.

If you’re a business and looking to launch a Will writing offering, speak to us. We may be able to help you set this up. If you’re an established Will Writing practice and could use support from qualified and experienced drafters, book in a discussion, and if you would like to chat about referring clients to PAA for professional advice, please pick up the phone.

We offer everything from a distanced service where we draft the documents, encrypt them and send them back, to a full print, bind and postage service where the clients have everything they need to make their Will valid.

If you’re not sure what you need but recognise that you could use some support or just want to chat about estate planning, contact us for a chat.

Philip Anthony Associates – Your local, friendly Will drafting service.