3 Reasons you NEED a Will

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There are countless reasons that you may consider having your Will written but we have listed 3 of the main reasons and probably the most popular reasons.

  1. To avoid intestacy. Intestacy is the name given when you pass away without a Will. If this were to happen, then there are pre-defined set of rules which dictate what happens to your estate. This is set out by the government and may not be what you wish. As such it is critically important that you write a Will. Not having a Will means that unmarried partners will not benefit, nor will friends, or charities that you have supported during your lifetime. This may also mean that you are making provision for your loved ones at a crucial point.
  2. To prevent family disputes by setting out your wishes clearly. There is a principle in English and Welsh law relating to our Wills called testamentary freedom which basically means that we can leave what we have and what we like to who we want. Unfortunately, this does not mean that people we do not want to benefit from our estate will not try to put in a legal challenge known as a ‘claim’. As such when we write wills and we exclude someone who might have a ‘claim’, we need to make sure it is as airtight as possible. PAA can help with this. Other reasons that writing your Will can prevent family disputes include that your Will clearly sets out who gets what and when leaving no ambiguity. Not having a Will is far more likely to create disputes surrounding what you might have wanted and sadly, you will not be there to clear things up.
  3. To protect your home. Our homes are often our biggest and most expensive asset. It is likely to be the most expensive thing we have bought and the one purchase that we have been paying off for the longest. All this hard work is worth protecting to ensure that our home is not lost to third party creditors, to divorce within the family or to other means. Your Will is such a useful tool to protect your home and expert advice surrounding what you can do is vital.

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