The importance of secure document storage.

We should never underestimate the importance of secure document storage after we have written our Will. After all, our Will is probably one of the most important, if not the most important document that we will ever make.

After you have gone to the effort of writing your Will make sure to keep it safe so that when the time comes, the people who need to be able to deal with your estate (your executors) can do.

There are no hard fast rules about where you should store your Will but consider the following options:

  1. Store your Will at home. Not always advisable, especially when it’s accessible by family members or loved ones who may not like or appreciate its contents. To put it bluntly, DON’T store it at home if someone might destroy it. Remember that your Last Will and Testament must have a wet ink signature. Scanned copies aren’t admissible.
  2. Store with Philip Anthony Associates. This has to be the best option. We offer secure and safe document storage. We keep your Will safe, scan copies of the document for your protection and provide information when changes to legislation make affect your Will. If we were not present at the signing, we will also check it to make sure it’s valid.
  3. Store with your bank. NEVER store your Will in a safety deposit box. The problem with this is that in order to access the contents of a safety deposit box after you’ve died, your executors will need proof that you have the right to access the contents. This will be done through a grant of probate which can only be obtained with the Will – which is in the safety deposit box.

If you are currently storing your Will at home but would like to store it somewhere safer, contact us for more information. We are trusted by thousands of clients.