What if something happened to you tomorrow?

It is never nice to think about our own mortality or demise but surely it is even worse to think about how our family might cope if something happened to us and we had done no planning whatsoever?

We will never force our clients down a path they do not want to travel and will always provide sound and reasoned advice based on individual circumstances.

Over the last 20 years the vast majority of our clients have taken our advice but on the rare occasion they opt for something else, we might ask you to sign a letter that says we are happy to help but that you’re choosing not to accept our advice. We do this because of the following example:

Dave and Janet went to see their local Will Writer to talk about Wills. They had a modest estate but wanted to make sure that everything would go to their two children. Janet did not work, and Dave was the main breadwinner and his salary was paid into his bank account. The Will Writer suggested that an LPA for Property and Financial Advice would be a good idea so that in the event that Dave lost capacity during his lifetime Janet would still be able to access his money and pay all the bills etc. Whilst the couple wrote their Wills, they decided against LPAs because of cost.

Here is the sad bit… a couple of years later Dave was clipped by a car whilst cycling to work and a head injury caused him to lose mental capacity. As Janet relied on the income Dave earned, things became challenging. When Janet returned to the Will Writer to say “we need that LPA you talked about” the Will Writer had to explain that they cannot be created retrospectively and that she would have to do down the timely and costly court route for a deputyship order. This was not the news she wanted or needed but a simple decision made a couple of years before had cost more money that it would have to create the documents in the first place.

This explains why we might advise what we do. If cost is an issue, at Philip Anthony Associates we offer flexible payment plans. If you do not understand the reasons behind our advice, please let us know and we will be happy to explain matters. We appreciate that this topic is not always straightforward so if you would like things explaining a couple of times, this will not be a problem.

We are here to help. We are happy to help. Over twenty year in business we have helped thousands of clients to put proper planning in place. We have built a reputation centred around support and understanding.

If you have any questions, please ask us. We offer no-obligation appointments and advice. Just call the team to book an appointment, or call in at our shop and we can discuss your options.