Will Storage

Where should I keep my Will?

There are a number of options regarding where you can store your Will. In this short article Philip Anthony Associates Founder – Phil Pamment goes through the pros and cons of each.

Store it at home

This is probably the second most popular choice when deciding where to store your Will and is a perfectly sensible solution.

Just bear in mind that some people might be able to find your Will and, if disappointed by the contents, might deliberately damage or destroy your Will. This is indefensible but not uncommon.

After deciding how you would like your estate to be distributed and going to the expense of having it professionally drafted, it’s important to make sure it’s safe and easily accessible after you’ve passed away.

Store with Philip Anthony Associates

For this reason, you may wish to choose to store it with Philip Anthony Associates. You don’t need to have had your Will written by us in order for us to keep it safe for you. When we store your Will, we register its location with Certainty (The National Will Register) to ensure it can be found when needed.

We can provide you with a copy of your Will for your records but keeping the original safe is crucial and that’s what we do. If you would like us to store your Will, give us a call.

Storing with your bank

From our experience, this is not to be advised. One of the problems with storing your Will in your bank vault is that to access your bank vault after you’ve died, your executors will be required to provide the grant of probate which can only be acquired with your Will.

Electronic Wills

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article and for the 183 years prior to this article being written there has always been a requirement for a Will to have a wet-ink signature. With no immediate plans for this to change despite 40+ years of electronic technology there is no such thing as an electronic Will. There is such thing as an electronic copy of your Will, but these have no legal standing.

What is Certainty?

Certainty is also known as The National Will Register. It’s a widely recognised register and has records of 10 million Wills on it. If you’re looking to find out where a Will is located then you can do a search on their database.