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Will Writers & Probate Services, Manchester, UK

Preparation and planning for you and your family’s needs at each stage in life is essential, and at PA Associates we have been providing expert support and advice across Will Writing, Probate Services, Estate Planning and Business Protection, and Succession Planning to Clients for over 20 years.

A will is more than just a way of preparing for the future, writing a will, preparing for the future and probate that comes as a result provides security for the future, for your family, loved ones, and even any businesses you have a management role within. Our services are designed to make every step of the process as painless as possible, providing support through the journey of writing and preparing your will, and any lasting powers of attorney. Which is why when we write a will  and prepare for your probate you can rest assured it will have you and your own needs for the future in mind, providing a high level of service is one of our highest priorities.

Even the thought of having to plan for this part of your future can be a difficult decision to make, the thought of bringing up the topic of your will, it’s planning and it’s writing to your loved ones or business can be hard as it is, however we believe that preparing for the future no matter how far away it may seem or how unlikely it may be is incredibly important, which is why we have spent the past 20 years providing services that help prepare you for the future, from will writing and probate planning, estate planning, lasting power of attorney and much more.

If you’re unsure of what you’re looking for, whether it be having a will written for you, somebody to handle your probate in the future, we have a variety of services which have been designed for over 20 years for that purpose. Check out our services page for more, or call us up for a free, impartial chat to see how we could help you in the future.

Not only are we here to help with decisions leading up to and planning for when you pass away no matter how distant away it may seem, but our probate services are just as much about providing a high level of support to those who’ve been affected by the loss of a loved one from how the will is handled to the probate itself.

Based in Tyldesley Salford & Manchester covering the North West and North Wales within the UK, our services can help give you peace of mind whether it be making sure your family is provided for, or even putting in place the paperwork that ensures your business can continue to operate should you become unable to take an active management role in the future.

Philip Pamment our Director, holds the STEP Advanced Certificate in Will Preparation and is an Associate members of The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. Since 1999 we have written over 20,000 wills and store many thousands of these documents in our bespoke storage facility so that you know and trust that not only do we provide the highest level of services in the present day, but also provide a services which has truly been designed to last the test of time, so you know when it is time for our probate services.

Each Will & Trust drafted is covered by £2m Professional Indemnity Insurance.

We realise that convenience for Clients is essential, so we will happily take appointments at their homes / offices, or at our office in Salfor, Manchester, UK, daytime or evenings. If you have any questions at all, about the services we offer or would just like an informal chat then please contact us.

About Us Based in Tyldesley Salford/Manchester , UK, at PA Associates we have been providing expert Will Writing and Estate Planning Services to Clients for over 19 years We realise that convenience for Clients is essential, so we will happily take appointments at their homes or offices throughout the North West, North Wales and Yorkshire We are members of the Society of Will Writers

What is STEP? STEP is the global professional association for practitioners who specialise in family inheritance and succession planning – we are the best people to advise on the protection of your assets.

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